Lucky Ago

by Color Theory



Superstitious? Lucky Ago will make you a believer.

This set is meant to be experienced as a whole, in sequence. Each song is structured for long-term enjoyment. You'll have to wait a little longer for the chorus, but I promise the payoff is worth it.

I’d ask that you take the time to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed: on headphones, lying down on the couch or reclining in a chair. You may fall asleep for a few minutes here and there, and that’s just fine.

I hope you’ll find it pleasantly depressing.

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released October 18, 2019

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

All songs written, performed, and produced
by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2019

Cover art by Sam Todhunter
Mastered by Resonance Mastering

Special thanks to patrons Amy BuGoudi, Burt Empson, Jeroen Visser, John Mondick, Dave Ashton, Neil Barnes, Page One Project, and Quietlaughter.


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s.

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Track Name: Shatterproof
A walk in the woods at midnight
I come to a swimming hole
To stare at a pool of water
And view my mortal soul

Absorbed in youth I’m shatterproof
Right in front of you
A bleeding tooth I’m shatterproof
Bent not broken

Haunt me for seven years
Cover up all the mirrors

I gathered up all the pieces
A suicide in reverse
To bury them in the moonlight
And nullify the curse

The kissing booth I’m shatterproof
Right in front of you
The gospel truth I’m shatterproof
Someone’s white lie

Show us how we look
What we really look like
Not what we imagine we really look like
Blinding light
Now you’re mine

Show us how we look
What we really look like
Not what we imagine we really look like
How you shine
Capsize the night
Track Name: Unsigned
I thought that we were better friends
Until I read your letter filled with odd demands
It's like a pyramid scheme where no one makes money
It might be funny if I thought it was a joke

If I don’t spread this note around
Pass out these photocopies scattered on the ground
Maybe I’ll pull a muscle maybe catch pneumonia
Or fall into a coma never to wake up

You can't break the chain
Our souls are entwined

Damned if I do damned if I don't
I’m caught between uncertainty and broken bones
You'll never live it down if something happens to me
Sign it yours truly seal the contract with my blood

You can’t break the chain
Our souls are entangled
In words on a page
A man on a stage
Flies into a rage
The letter unsigned

I’ll stop this madness in the end
Suspecting darker days are just around the bend
Can’t bring myself to curse the people nearest to me
My dearest beauty bound by ink and written off
Track Name: Hand
Do what you don’t do what you do
With two pair eights and aces
I see you don’t see what I see
Misfortune through the ages

The gunfighter
An Old West tragic hero
Shot in cold blood (remember)
That very hand foreshadowed

Holding the dead man’s hand in black
Tying the damsel to the railroad tracks

Do what you don’t do what you do
For soon you’ll be forgotten
I see you don’t see what I see
Ill-fated slave to caution

Your number’s up
An end to your sob story
Your skin is flushed (on fire)
A crowning blaze of glory

Holding the dead man’s hand in black
Destined to take a bullet in the back

Do what you don’t do what you do
And sleep with one eye open
I see you don’t see what I see
Your ultimate destruction

Holding the dead man’s hand in black
Listen and you can almost hear the crack
Track Name: Avian
How is your wife today
Mr. General?
Off to the front to lead
Another battle

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret
Never to be told
Eight for a wish
Nine for a kiss
Ten for a bird
You must not miss

Avian Grim Reaper
White with a black necktie
Good morning Mr. Magpie

Seen on a windowsill
Death is pending
Pay him his due respects
Or risk offending

Bane of the gamekeeper
Mischievous and flighty
Acting high and mighty
Call out politely

Birds of a feather rise
And swarm like mayflies
Cawing their battle cries
To blot the sunrise

Wreath for a fallen friend
A blackbird funeral
Requiem on the grass
Of their cathedral
Track Name: Phobiac
Welcome back
Put me on the thirteenth floor
Yes the one that isn’t here
A missing button in a box
Distance is to disappear

Thirteen steps up the gallows stairs
The thirteenth guest will die in the year
Thirteen knots in a hangman’s noose
Thirteen cards all share the same suit
Thirteen feet which the guillotine falls
Thirteen witches in a coven enthrall
Thirteen letters in your name
You’re bound to have devil’s luck

Are you a triskaidekaphobiac?
Just another heart attack

Welcome back
Just a number just a day
A baker’s dozen nothing more
A missing button in a box
Seals the elevator door

Welcome back
Fourteenth floor masquerade
I return to face my fear
A missing button in a box

Are you ever coming back?
Track Name: Dismembered
In a cemetery
Voices will carry
Solemn and often grim
Sympathetic magic
Useful yet tragic
Binds a dismembered limb

Don’t you dare get caught without it
If prophecy is true
The remedy is

Silver mounted dyed on a keychain
A graveyard rabbit’s left hind foot
Killed at midnight under a full moon
Tears streamed down as my hand shook
I’m never doing that again

More or less uncertain
Throw back the curtain
Fortune or certain doom
Violent pornographic
Bury the hatchet
Floor of the cutting room

Second thoughts still linger
I run my finger
Through the discolored fur
History advances
I’ll take my chances
Lay bare the jugular
Track Name: Fingers
Silence can be a virtue it’s true
High hopes destined to blossom in you

Casting a spell
I’m ringing a bell
I’m crossing my fingers
Wishing you well

Wishing you well
I’m kissing and telling
Strangely compelling
Glowing with pride

Whisper tell me a secret desire
Blameless I’m only playing with fire

Clearing my conscience
Betting on nonsense
Crossing my fingers
Wishing you well

Wishing you well
I’m kissing and telling
Glowing with pride
I’m dying inside

Faithless I’ll stop at nothing to win
Lawless breaking commandments I sin

Laughing it off
My fingers are crossed
The same empty gesture
Pardons a lie

You have a grievance
I have a sixth sense
Spare me the pretense
It doesn’t count
Track Name: Sniper
Rotting in a foxhole
Dying to live
We’re just food for soil now
Nitrogen rich

Pull yourself together
You’ll be alright
Smoking is unhealthy
You got a light?

Are you insane or are you trying to get me killed?
You never take the third light from the same match

Carry your own lighter
Don’t be a fool
Disrespecting heroes
Playing it cool

I’ll knock your hand to heaven
If you do that again
We are not immortal
We’re only men

Never trust a sniper
To suffer an itch
When they pull the trigger
They rarely miss

Looks as white as Christmas
Speaks Japanese
Chanting Bloody Mary
Death comes in threes

Soldier lights his cigarette
Sniper spots a mortal threat
Second solider takes a light
Sniper has you in his sights
Third light on a match you’re dead
Sniper shoots you in the head

I won’t be blamed when shots are fired and blood is spilled
You never take the third light from the same match
Track Name: Backward
You caught me walking backward
Counting back from ten
Trying to turn my luck around but failing
And failing again

The trinity was broken
A sacred triangle
Underneath the rungs against a building
I’m building a fall

Walking backward
Under ladders in reverse
Walking backward
Superstition break the curse
Walking backward

This city is a minefield
Duck or hit your head
Working up the energy
For staying in bed

Take me back
To bread and butter days
To simple ways
To words we left unsaid
I’ll never get ahead
Walking backward

Maybe I’m unlucky
Maybe that’s just life
Playing out as karma
As I sharpen the knife
Track Name: Feral
My thoughts are razor sharp
Juggling with mental knives
A shadow crosses me
There in the flesh
One of the devil’s spies

A monster roams the streets
Out on the prowl again
Behold the lioness
Dark as the night
Hunting the land of men

Silent princess goddess of myth
Savage feral demon in disguise
You cut me off from heaven
Fearless with nine lives to one of mine
Brimming with life
Master of death

My wounds are indistinct
Prophecy leaves no sign
Let’s get this over with
Staring at clocks
Dying to pass the time

Witchcraft crescent omen legend

Why bother with revenge?
You always land on your feet
Misfortune lines my path
Hissing at rats
Here in the catbird seat