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Outside the Lines, Vol. 3

by Color Theory

June 0 00:40
In the beginning I wondered what to do Didn't really know how much I had longed for you I tried to make you laugh I think you wanted me to I tried to make you see That I wanted you Maybe I was soft inside my shell Didn't know you'd send me straight to hell I still believed and hoped and prayed For you to take my shaking hands And do the best you can to break the spell Why don't you open your eyes And see my shining armour There really is no surprise I'm just a little scared First time you opened your eyes And saw their shining beauty It took my heart by surprise That we already loved I know the feeling I've been this way before I'm gonna go and hurt myself And I'll come back for more Just like a Polaroid Some things take a while I may be hard to get But I won't fade in time Maybe this was all inside my head Maybe we won't know, it's all unsaid Please stay, don't run, don't walk away I see your cold and shaking hands I’ll do the best I can to change your plans
Welcome but unexpected A sudden face to face I’m feeling out of place Listening to your confession A silent howl of joy From this eager boy Welcome but unexpected But something isn’t right You’re overly polite Quietly disconnected Until you make your move With so much to prove I can't take an hour of this But I’m powerless beneath you You cry without a sound Under the threat of a kiss I fall down the abyss to reach you This aching is unbound Welcome but unexpected It’s glorious but it hurts It’s awkward but it works Feels nice to be accepted I’m glad you cleared the air We’re quite the pair
My gift to you is my goodbye Its ugly truth Its pretty lie My gift to you is when I leave You'll hold onto your dignity It isn't a decision Love I have to go It isn't supposition, is it? Everybody knows Everybody knows Rather than hotter, you'll grow colder Rather than wiser, only older Let me remember you as bolder Just as you are instead of colder Your gift to me is but a kiss To say I'm free and I'll be missed Your gift to me is staying young This melody my body's sung Before you lose the danger in your smile Before your raven hair is gray Before I cease to think you're worth my while I want, I need to walk away
On a cold beach The clouds drown the sunlight We share a final meal on paper plates No one around No lifeguard to save us We rose up with the tide But fall awaits Lamenting past days On the last day of summer Cementing pathways On the last day of summer There we go Singing anthems of sunny days Keeping memories alive Breathing in waves The winds picked up and blew All our hopes and dreams Our dreams and hopes Our hopes and dreams Away it seems So many miles We ran in the darkness The effort on your face concealed from me Stepping in time As heartbeat by heartbeat The blood that lines our veins Returns to the sea Lamenting past days On the last day of summer Cementing pathways On the last day of summer Now we know Singing anthems of sunny days Keeping memories alive Though the sand still lingers between our toes The hourglass empties And the moment dies Refer to me in present tense If we must die tonight Don’t keep me in suspense Line the future with electric fence Confess by neon light Half-hearted penitence Hollow pretense Lamenting past days On the last day of summer Cementing pathways On the last day of summer Time to go Singing anthems of sunny days Keeping memories alive Though the sand still lingers between our toes The hourglass empties And the moment dies
Fast forward what I say Doesn’t matter anyway Can't believe in anything When winter follows spring Harsh words often sway Too many like to play They’ll say anything When their hat’s in the ring Though black and blue Hope can win through I'm often sideswiped by lovers of doom False tongue, a falser face Never won that kind of race Speak my truth no matter what Even when I’d rather not Take a breath, I stop and pray In these tepid days Looking back on battles fought Overrun with second thoughts I got it right No that’s a lie I wish I may I wish I might Find a way out of this fight Eyes strain in unlit rooms Voices call out in the gloom And here I am pulling strings Afraid of what tomorrow brings
Shovel it down You spoon feed me love With a forked tongue Words cut deeply We’ve too many knives Our blades drawn Scrapes and bandages Never fully healed With this arsenal With this arsenal Smile seduction Lean in for a kiss And slit my throat Guts and glory We’ve too many lives Immortal Grown the thickest skin Yet I feel alive We’ve too many knives We’ve too many knives
Wise 04:03
Reached my full height It’s a wonder that I Haven’t grown at all Got no advice Timeless words to the wise To elevate my fall And still this pride Holding grudges like stocks For the monster haul Spoken my lines Now I’m pacing offstage For the curtain call To this moment I am promised I am wise
Fine time for you to drop by I’m not prepared for company Give me a moment to collect myself I’m naked and you shouldn’t see me Skeletons I gotta put in the closet Cause I don’t wanna set them free So many things I want to hide from prying eyes That wouldn’t wanna let them be I’m being chased by a pack of wild wolves I’m runnin’ like hell through the woods I pray that I’m not misunderstood By people who could never see the good It’s too cold to be running around naked I gotta put my clothes on And I know sometimes I just can’t fake it Feels better with my clothes on They protect me from the chills of defeat They won’t let me feel the rain, I’m too weak just... Give me my clothes and walk away Don’t look at me Don’t look at me Fine time for you to ask why I run away from everything Give me a moment to collect my words I gotta find the perfect way to speak Skeletons keep falling out of the closet And I don’t know how they broke free So many times I used to hide with crying eyes Cause nobody would let me be
I hear the sound of footsteps on the leaves As waking hours are closing in on me Oh, thought I was out here all alone But lately I can't help but feel I've seen you in a dream Was I awake when you were here with me? I close my eyes to recreate the scene Are you alive, or something in-between? Do you find me? The places that I go to Inside a dream Inside a dream And oh, when I wander on my own Through the trees, do you follow me?
My wings vanish and I fall from the sky Convinced that I'll die Body frozen as I brace for the ground And scream without sound With a jolt I wake up covered in sweat And start to forget Big boy don't be scared 'Twas only a nightmare Narrowly escaping The siren's blare The timekeeper wakes me With seconds to spare My Jerusalem in mortar and stone Spy Jesus' bones Dusty ruins rough like sand in my ear The fables and fears My kingdoms are songs But decades are gone Half old and half wrong I'm only a son And not yet a father Seconds, minutes, lifetimes In dreams erode But when comes the reaper The timekeeper knows Nighttime shadows Safe from harm Savior from the rude alarm Time jumps backward Time stands still Reaper moves in for the kill
Disharmony a lovely thing Something to push back against To break my fall You’re so polite, it’s boring me Save me from this emptiness Nothing or all Trading pleasantries makes the mysteries Feel like empty statements of fact Half of you, half of me Bite your tongue and just agree Go on and disagree Wipe that smile off my face Take a few steps off the base I only care if it’s all or nothing Intensity a noble thing Give me everything you’ve got I’ll ask for more Fully commit, I challenge you Do something provocative An act of war Making enemies is the destiny Of anyone emboldened to act
It’s not like you to refuse a kiss when I just want to shower you with love You’re no victim No one’s broken promise And no ransom can free you from my heart We never fight like this How do we get closer? We never fight like this How do we get over this? I’m so sorry Is that what you’re after? You insist that I should know But I don’t know, I swear Just wild hunches Half-remembered whispers These ghosts taunt me From somewhere out of view
Oblivion descends and I forget my name An open window snuffing out a candle flame I awake in the middle of the night The whistle of a train in the distance Unfamiliar this world of black and white The shimmering half light lines the air Thought you were lying next to me but no one’s there A wave of wistful sorrow takes me unaware
Your voice is sugar-sweet as the crystal hits the tongue Glorious mystery in the words that you sung Accepting each sensation with gratitude and praise Condensing a life's work to one memorable phrase Love is all that consciousness is worth From the very moment of rebirth Love is all that consciousness is worth Before the thought attaches to concept in my mind Dissolve to emptiness leaving nothing behind I couldn’t shake the feeling I never quite belonged Stillness said otherwise in the words of a song
We don't use our hearts to do What we want to do I know there is no easy Don't let your happiness away That day is today Don't you pray for that? Stop promising yourself Life is not like it seems to be But you'll find what it really means Building your way It's the only way Tomorrow is today What are you waiting for?


Outside the Lines, Vol. 3 is a collection of rarities from 2013-2021, featuring collaborations with Lyder Janöy, Marco Dassi, Amelia's Fault, ELYXR, Breathes with Gills, ZAKERY, Nov.47, Minute Taker, Bentley Jones, WillRock, and Voxy P, plus two previously unreleased originals.


released September 2, 2022

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

All songs written, performed, and produced
by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2013-2021 except:

My Shining Armour
Produced by Lyder Janöy
Written by Lyder Janöy and Brian Hazard © 2020

Welcome But Unexpected
Produced by Marco Dassi
Written by Marco Dassi and Brian Hazard © 2019

Produced by Matt Eriksson
Written by Charlie Mason, Matt Eriksson, and Richard Hymas © 2013

The Last Day of Summer
Produced by Kasson Crooker
Written by Kasson Crooker and Brian Hazard © 2017

Written by Mike Miller © 2017

Too Many Knives
Produced by ZAKERY
Written by ZAKERY and Brian Hazard © 2018

Written and produced by Montrell Cooper © 2019

I've Seen You in a Dream
Written by Ben McGarvey and Brian Hazard © 2021

All Or Nothing, Fight Like This, Half Light
Produced by William Harby
Written by William Harby and Brian Hazard © 2019-2020

Consciousness, Promise to Me, Use Our Hearts
Produced by Scott Ryan Pugh
Written by Scott Ryan Pugh and Brian Hazard © 2018-2020

Design by Dave Pasciuto www.davpunk.com
Mastered by Resonance Mastering www.resonancemastering.com


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s. CDs and additional merch available at colortheory.com

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