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The Skeleton's Closet

by Color Theory

Anyone Would 03:16
Can’t shake off my intuitions Misgivings and deep suspicions You say that you're not home But your light is on It don’t take Sherlock Holmes To see that something's wrong In spite of your disposition I'll still believe you Anyone would Cause I still need you Anyone would You say that I’m always smiling So wicked and so beguiling A pitchfork in my hand As I light the match The poison in your glass Come on down the hatch Though I’ve been accused of lying I’m still dependent In adulthood But who can blame me? Anyone would
The Examiner 03:50
A fleeting image in the dark, trespassing An empty breath, a beating heart The words appear from out of nowhere Both a curse and a prayer I am aware I feel it I see it I hear it Who is left to think about it Study the examiner Feels like I’m cheating on a test Somehow I unhooked the cause from the effect An atom binds with its opponent Leading to this moment Indifferent but conscious
Infectious 03:27
I deserve it Guess I really got you good Made you angry It’s contagious Necklace made of kryptonite Wear it proudly You keep your distance out of spite Self-quarantined and out of sight Confined to separate galaxies Like I’m diseased You say you wouldn’t touch me with a six-foot pole I’m infectious Feel like I’m suffocating in a goldfish bowl I’m infectious Yeah it hurts me Longing for a human touch Loneliness is Epidemic Can’t afford to take a chance Cabin fever I steel myself to stay apart Erecting guardrails round my heart But you can’t wash your hands of me That easily
You tell your friends It never happened, believe me Embarrassed by This thing you've done Dug up the earth Buried the body And now I'm an afterthought A skeleton We share a secret Just once you kissed me I feel your breath In the space before I sleep In the skeleton's closet You have my word I'll keep my promise Cry out to an empty sky To hear my prayer You cut me down You make me worthless But I need to rescue you From your despair We share a bond That shall not be broken Whisper your name In the aching darkness
Master List 04:01
I keep a master list of your flaws But none of them bother me at all I write them down dispassionately To maintain my sanity I keep a master list of your flaws But none of them bother me at all I catalog them incessantly So nothing can get to me Buried away Alongside angry emails never sent Lies a labor of love A hidden dossier of discontent Venomous pride A lust for power Lack of agency Spiteful, gullible Tinged with paranoia And crippling jealousy Both of us know That I'm no stranger to the seven deadly sins I share the blame for The little shop of horrors in our midst I won't ask you to change Nobody's perfect That's not my intent I don't want to say something I can't take back so This is how I vent
Here in the dark It's natural to be afraid To disappear into the shade To lose your way and miss the mark There in the light It's easier to be a man To execute the master plan To soldier on and win the fight So let's pretend That I am someone to defend A lover, follower, or friend It doesn't matter in the end So let's pretend Here in my room It's cynical to be polite To tolerate you one more night To bite my tongue and cast a gloom
It flickers in the empty space It sparkles in the air When nothing’s really there I take this moment as a gift Exactly as it is And feel a subtle shift This whole nothing is mine Sometimes silence is fine It’s fine I lost myself a million times To craving and to fear Forgot why I was here The voice you hear inside your mind Is it really you? Who are you talking to? This whole nothing is the place where We all live and it all happens Sometimes silence is the answer To the question are you happy
The fear of falling And the promise not to fail Pulling my worlds apart Hand on my heart Light the match And leave me for dead And everybody said Isn’t she nice? Sugar and spice Just let me go I'm stretched to the limit And bones are bound to break Is that what you want? A fight to the finish Will it satisfy the ache? I watch it happen I incriminate myself Flexible as a lie Reach for the sky Twisted arms And sadistic whims Dislocated limbs Picking a fight On a Saturday night What if I told you That it wasn’t meant to be? What if I told you I won’t be here for the ever after?
A candid shot A juggernaut Crack a smile just to thicken the plot Bet you wouldn’t hang around with Someone you didn’t think was cool But ice will melt And blood will pool A parking lot A juggernaut Tie my tongue in a half-Windsor knot Every night you're groping in the dark For a promise I won’t make It feels so warm Can’t stay awake I know I failed you, but I… I know I left you to die I should have screamed at the sky That this is all I need That this is good enough A heavy thought A juggernaut Camping out on our burial plot So I wrote a song to celebrate What I didn't see back then Dead to rights Born again
In times of poverty, hunger, or distress My virtue recedes And noble purposes must be set aside For practical needs With cunning and a bit of stealth We'll multiply our meager wealth I promise not to break the law Or risk our health Will we cling to broken social codes In a world where anything goes? Take what's ours or dress in friar's robes? Bleed like saints or smile like rogues? I tend to hold myself unaccountable For thoughts in my head And if a bright idea suddenly appears I'll follow that thread Focus on this and nothing else Do what necessity compels And when this life comes to an end Forgive yourself
Absorbing damage Is the name of the game From the claws of monsters Or the heat from a ball of flame Our strength in numbers Is a roll of the dice Played a thousand hours And I think that I died just once Or maybe twice I live in dungeons, always did I live in dungeons, like a kid Dungeons, caves and halls I live in dungeons, pits and falls I’m well-respected As a lord of the blade Got a dozen guildmates Always up for a late-night raid Though I wouldn’t know them By a name or a face We fight like brothers In a war with the Dark Elf race In a dying age I rolled a 10 in Wisdom 18 in Constitution Fully immune to poison But weak to Holy magic So now you know why I’m glued to my chair And what you call real life Just doesn’t compare I bear no grudges I live in dungeons


The Skeleton's Closet is a companion EP to the latest Color Theory album, Mages. It contains six originals that were too weird or thematically inappropriate for the album, plus five of the best remixes of the era, along with an exclusive 16-page digital booklet featuring lyrics and liner notes.


released April 1, 2022

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

Written, performed, and produced by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2022

Additional vocals on 1 by Reidun Minde Janøy
Additional production on 1 by Lyder Janøy
Guitar on 5 by Caesar Filori

Mastered by Resonance Mastering www.resonancemastering.com

Special thanks to patrons Neil Barnes, Page One Project, John Mondick, Tom Martine, Rae Backas, Quietlaughter, Amy BuGoudi, Travis Murdock, Burt Empson, James Bloom, Jeroen Visser, TheLeftExit, Ernesto Peralta, Bato, April Cuffley, Jonathan Albin, Mike Ellison, and Jesse Rock


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s.

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