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Second Thoughts

by Color Theory

Sagittarius 04:49
I scan the nighttime sky Paralyzed by vertigo As my life spins out of control I spot the archer with his bow Whose constellation guards The celestial zodiac Human and horse Cause and effect Like an arrow to my back Sagittarius How did I get into this hopeless mess? Sagittarius Was it fate, or my own choice? It’s all there in the stars Venus and Mars Bruises and scars Do I reach for the stars Or do they reach out for me Drawing me in Luring me on With the pull of gravity I realize the stakes And it cuts me like a knife Without a will Without a voice What’s the meaning of my life? I confess to the crime Empty bottles of wine Purple eyeliner streaks Lipstick stains on the sheets And the smell of perfume Lingers still in the room On my tongue still the taste of regret You’ll be betrayed again By the destiny of man To be played out Again and again In a cruel eternal plan.
Monochrome 04:38
Soon she’ll fade away An empty promise Cast in shades of grey An image from a dream Or 50’s TV screen Going colorblind I tell myself to Quit while I’m behind It’s more than I can bear To see her standing there And vanish in thin air In monochrome In black and white She disappears right in front of me Like color dies in the dark In camouflage Against the night My eyestrain pales in comparison To the straining of my heart If only I could shine A flashlight on her Pulling her inside To catch her like a ghost Entrapped forever close Right here in my hand A genie in a bottle to command Within her radiant shrine Defying space and time Her light forever mine.
Why do we have to fight like this? A brotherhood of eager fists You’ve always had a taste for blood If you’re not man enough to shrug it off Well I guess that’s your loss You know me like nobody else It’s like a marriage made in hell We’re always at each other’s throats But when the dust clears and the choking ends We’ll still be best friends Cause we’re indestructible Our friendship is bulletproof Invulnerable to the recklessness of youth Yes we’re incorruptible Our friendship is guaranteed We’re full-time companions And part-time enemies I don’t know who will get killed first We’ll be together at the worst A pointless war in foreign lands Or murder at the other’s hands no doubt I can’t rule that out.
Last Song 03:44
I just thought that you should know This will be my last song I've got nothing more to say I tore my heart out just for you Wrote down every detail Put the whole thing on display You don't know me at all You don't know me at all You don't know me after all I just thought you'd want to know This might be my last song I just want to hear you say That it means something to you Not a lot just something That it’s not just throwaway You don't know me at all You don't know me at all You don't know me after tears and laughter Nobody wants to be analyzed But we all need to be understood And so I sing and still I would Even if no one was listening Every song is a journal in rhyme A tribute to the audience That sings along in my mind I just wanted you to know This won't be my last song I've got so much more to say Though the words escape me now I won’t give up trying To connect with you someday.
Imagination is powerful stuff It can get ugly It can get rough Sometimes I dream horrible things Just to try on how they might feel To see what reactions I can reveal I want to know What if I lost you I want to know What would it mean to me If your life were threatened Hypothetically Maybe a car crash Maybe a plane Maybe your heart stops Maybe your brain Would CPR in the ER trigger an SOS in my head Bring my emotions back from the dead It goes without saying I mean you no harm Don’t let these musings Cause you alarm Still if I find my idle mind Conjuring visions of distress It’s an experiment Only a test Yes it’s morbid but I want to know Do I still love you I want to know What would my future be In a world without you Hypothetically I want to know.
Never quite sure when it will come to pass Living each day like it could be my last Cause the planet seems to spin a little bit faster When you wake up every day awaiting disaster Took a long time for me to admit defeat Too many dreams just lying there at my feet But I’m older now it seems A little bit smarter So I won’t go to extremes by playing the martyr If it’s my time to go You should know how much I love you If it’s my time to go I am ready If it’s my time to go Then go on ahead without me Close my eyes Kiss my cheek Let me go Coming to terms changes your attitude Tempers the fear with genuine gratitude I’ve enjoyed some happy years Collected some trophies But the end is drawing near So listen up closely All bets are off There are no guarantees What happens next We’ll have to just wait and see Let this song be my goodbye Don’t try to reject it No loose ends for us to tie We’re interconnected.
In a little while The lines will deepen on our faces As the longest mile Begins to circle home Can’t help thinking that We regulate our deepest feelings Like a thermostat To match our comfort zone As we stand here toe to toe If you kiss me now I’ll know That our happiness is just a matter of permission If not now when It's now or never We've just one life to live together So little time to stop and mourn What might have been If not now when It's now or never All things must end There's no forever So little time to stop and mourn What might have been If not now when In a little while Our world will crack in hairline traces Like a crooked smile A Mona Lisa grin At the very end I’ll liberate these inhibitions But I can’t pretend It’s easy to begin Cause the devil that disturbs Daring acts and candid words Is the part of me that worries it’s too late to love you Maybe on another day Always something in the way Now I realize that life is one long string of somethings.
I say I should take you home but you want to stay here On the beach all alone with our blankets and beer In the dark how we ache to fulfill this hunger Cherish it now cause we’re not getting any younger Ashes in fire pits and fires in our hearts as we move Crashing waves in an urgent and quickening groove Consummating the end of a perfect summer Cherish it now cause we’re not getting any younger If I never felt this way again That would be okay I could die right now a happy man Because we had today I peel the tag off a bottle hands dripping with sweat Write a note on the back that says “never forget” The best moments race by in a head-twisting blur Cherish it now cause we’re not getting any younger Just before sunrise we’re caught in a warm summer shower So we climb to the top of a dry lifeguard tower And we’re rocked to the core by the gentle thunder Cherish it now cause we’re not getting any younger We’re truly alive today I’d trade all my tomorrows For one more taste of this naiveté For this naiveté I’d trade all my tomorrows Truly alive today In love with the whole world today.
Woke up this morning A mix of boy and man Struck with a vision A daring master plan To kidnap your heart in A desperate attempt I’ll take no ransom I won’t accept a cent No I won't give you back for anything No I don't really have a doubt No you won't need to worry about a thing I got it figured out No I'm not crazy Just temporarily insane I’m falling in love and You’re the one to blame You're coming with me You'll regret it if you don't Don't make me force you Because you know I won't You'll be sorry if you try to bust me So I guess that you'll just have to trust me You're feeling doubtful I can see it on your face It's all taken care of Everything's in place Won't let you slip through My fingertips this time I know we'll be happy Is that such a crime? Come along quickly There’s no time for goodbyes I can’t make you love me But I’m sure going to try.
In this rhythm me and you In this rhythm me and you Watching ones and zeros flow Through this sonic scene we drew Shape is sound and sound is mood All emotion crystal clear Layered sine waves speak to me Like a voice inside my ear Why do we always fight For the right of way, right away? Ever the hero caught at a zero crossing In this rhythm me and you In this rhythm me and you Plus and minus dissipate To a common point of view When you're down I bring you up When you're up I bring you down Out of phase I cancel you At the speed of silent sound A flattened line became our sign I sacrificed a dimension for you In this rhythm me and you In this rhythm me and you Words unsaid are deafening Like a charge we hold on to When we touch a static shock Echoes through our fragile past Clashing with a frequency That could almost shatter glass And when we signed the dotted line I sacrificed a dimension for you.


Second Thoughts is a companion EP to The Thought Chapter, featuring four original songs that weren't included on the album, plus six remixes of album tracks.


released April 10, 2009

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

All songs by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2008

Backing vocals by Michelle Hazard

If It's My Time to Go (Original Mix)
Produced by Caesar Filori of Wideband Network www.thewideband.net

Drawings by Maya Klein www.bentkey.net
Design by Todd M. LeMieux www.toddlemieux.com
Mastered by Resonance Mastering www.resonancemastering.com


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s. CDs and additional merch available at colortheory.com

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