from Lucky Ago by Color Theory



Supernatural Advisory #088: Three on a Match

Avoid lighting three cigarettes with a single match due to a heightened risk of death by gunfire.


Three soldiers decided to smoke cigarettes together after dark. The strike of the match alerted an enemy sniper of their presence. As the second soldier lit his cigarette from the match, the sniper took aim at the target.

As the third soldier attempted to light his cigarette from the same match, he was shot and killed by the enemy.



Rotting in a foxhole
Dying to live
We’re just food for soil now
Nitrogen rich

Pull yourself together
You’ll be alright
Smoking is unhealthy
You got a light?

Are you insane or are you trying to get me killed?
You never take the third light from the same match

Carry your own lighter
Don’t be a fool
Disrespecting heroes
Playing it cool

I’ll knock your hand to heaven
If you do that again
We are not immortal
We’re only men

Never trust a sniper
To suffer an itch
When they pull the trigger
They rarely miss

Looks as white as Christmas
Speaks Japanese
Chanting Bloody Mary
Death comes in threes

Soldier lights his cigarette
Sniper spots a mortal threat
Second solider takes a light
Sniper has you in his sights
Third light on a match you’re dead
Sniper shoots you in the head

I won’t be blamed when shots are fired and blood is spilled
You never take the third light from the same match


from Lucky Ago, released October 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

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